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T.E.A. was born from a caring heart and a nurturing spirit. My mom quit her job to be her husband's and my dad's caregiver. Sipping sweetened fruit infused iced tea was a favorite past time they shared over the years. Despite the highs and lows of dad's illness, sipping glasses of her original tea provided a daily peace she could rely on. Until, one day she received news that dad needed to cut down significantly on his sugar intake. A true warrior, refusing to sacrifice their moments of love over tea, she jumped into action. She began concocting various versions of tea trying natural ingredients and sugar alternatives without compromising the integrity of the flavors of the original recipe. She fell in love with fresh fruits, agave plants and sugar cane and created masterful beverages full of flavor while adhering to nutritional benefits. 

Today, my mom would be remiss to abandon the first creation of T.E.A. that her and dad relished in before his diagnosis. So, it will always be a staple available for purchase. However, for those mindful of their sugar intake and wanting to consume the delicious flavors signature to her homemade tea, she has variations without sugar and with natural sugar alternatives and fresh fruits. My mom receives no greater joy than knowing each sip of her tea, warms the heart and keeps the memory of my father and the love of her life, very much alive. Sharing this beverage with the world is like sharing the most genuine piece of herself.

T.E.A. is more than another beverage. It is Tasty Even After.

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