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Where do we ship?

We currently ship to cities in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New York City, Los Angeles. We would be happy to ship to your city too. Just send us an email of how many gallons or 16 oz. bottles you want and we will research affiliate taxes and shipping to get your order right to you!

How are shipping prices determined?

Shipping prices are determined by weight of items, postage and packing fees. We do not access any additional fees to send products. 

Tell me more about the non-profit where proceeds of sales go.

Ten percent of each dollar you spend goes to AGAG Ministries. They are a not-for-profit organization that focuses on enhancing communities through youth and adult leadership programs. We have provided several gallons of tea to college preparation activities and for marriage counseling seminars. They're ministry benefits thousands of lives and we are delighted to contribute with each sale we make.

Can you provide large amounts for holiday and corporate parties?

If you need it, we can provide it. Our staff members work hard and are diligent in ensuring the same great flavor and quality ingredients in each bottle. Regardless of the amount you need, we will make sure you have it, when you need it. Just contact us via our website contact page, email us at or give us a call at 817.233.5613!

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